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Pastel Fun

Linda Roemisch Fine Art
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Pastel Fun
I have been painting with pastels now for over 15 years and I never grow tired of this wonderful media. One of my favorite things to do is an underpainting either using my watercolors or alcohol. I was fortunate enough to take Richard McKinley’s workshop and he opened my mind to underpainting magic. I love to experiment and this is a great way to have fun.
If you are a watercolor artist and you want to dive into pastels then this is for you.

Values are always a struggle for most of us and I found that doing an underpainting can really help you to define your values early on and allow you to stick to them throughout the painting process.
In the beginning of your painting process you will need to work with your left brain using calculation and logical thinking to map out your "plan" Once you have a plan in place and you have worked out the issues of composition, drawing, values and colors you then can start to really have fun with your creative right brain. It can be exhausting to have to stop and get out to the “zone” to fix issues.

So working out the issues before allows you to be free to express your inner voice.
These will be the items I will be discusssing in my upcoming workshop. 

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