Can technology help you as an artist?

I say YES!  I use my iPhone on location all the time to capture photos of what I want to paint, not for pictures but for values. OK I can admit tools do help my tired eyes to see things more clearly and take out all the noise of nature.. did I just say that? Nature noise..what I mean is all the color and the details that I don’t want in my painting that can get in the way of my vision. So my solution was to use one of my favorite app but it is no longer being supported so I’ve been on the look out for another one. I am not in the habit of endorsing any apps but this one is an exception, the name is  Notanizer,  go for the bundle pack, ya it will cost you $2.00 more but what the heck that’s less than a cup of coffee. It is unfortunate only available on IOS not yet there for Android. No I do not make any money from this endorsement, just like good tools to use.

This tool it allows you to take a picture resize it, crop it, try different composition schemes, like the golden rule or the third rule, find your focal point and the check your values in a matter of minutes. The gem of course is you can see your image in color and black and white (hence the notan feature) and more. So when I’m out in the elements, with time not on my side I  have captured what I first saw that intrigued me to the scene in the first place.

Not a crutch but a tool and I still do my thumbnails but this little gem just makes to so much faster and easier!

If you attend one of my workshops I will be glad to demonstrate  how and why you want to understand values and if there is a tool out there that can help I say YES!